Burning Man 2015 Art Grant Proposal

Charnival Art Grant Proposal 2015


Riskee Ball

Partner Installations

  • Sound and Fury by Trevyn Watson, S3FA member
  • Francis the Fantastic by Trish Lamanna and Mike Everson, S3FA members
  • Fire Tetris by Jody McIntyre
  • Toxic Bloom by Ethan Garner (BM 2012 + 2013)
  • Reach by James Reinhardt (creator of the Tesseract)
  • Smoke and Mirrors by Sarah Nason, S3FA member
  • Charchery Range by Arsonic Creations (creator of Rock Inferno)
  • The Last Flamethrower by Matisse Enzer (creator of Flamethrower Shooting Gallery)
  • 2piR by Ardent (BM 2006 + 2008) link
  • Fire in Balance by Poetic Kinetics (BM 2014) link